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What is corporateoffset?

What is corporateoffset?

Corporateoffset is a new service from Grass Roots designed to help companies reduce their carbon footprint whilst informing and engaging their employees in the process. Since the Kyoto protocol agreement in 2003, responsible companies have been measuring and actively reducing the amount of C02 they produce. Employees are often unaware of these initiatives and are rarely engaged in the process by either their employer or CSR (corporate social responsibility) department.

How does it work?

  • Firstly we accurately measure your unique carbon footprint, this includes elements such as;

    • Energy consumption
    • Transportation
    • Company air travel
    • Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Once we have established your C02 footprint, we will help you decide the best way to reduce your emmissions.
  • Lastly we will arrange to offset the residual C02emmissions that are a necessary part of your business process.

How does this engage my employees?

Once the total carbon footprint of the organisation is established (in tonnes of C02 equivalent), it can be shared equally between each employee and invested against a pre-agreed selection of offset projects. Employees are encouraged to login, read about carbon issues and take part in the reduction of their shared carbon footprint.

Each employee receives:

  • A personal login to your unique Carbon Offset Web site
  • An email with login instructions and information about the offset process
  • Prompt emails two weeks before the offset programme is due to close

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